Wales in the world cup

We have been looking at and discussing why Wales do not usually do very well in the world cup, there are many reasons really, like there not being adequate funding for extra curricular football, the lack of clubs for young people to join, or just because nobody wants to go and play football.
We’ve been looking at the lack of funding and help that young people get to aid their development when it comes to sport, and at what secondary school kids have to say about being active in a survey.
When asking school pupils from years 7 to 11 “How much do you enjoy PE lessons?”;

  • 50% said “A lot”
  • 36% said “A little”
  • 14% said “Not at all”

Sports Wales is a organisation that helps the growth and development of sport and activity in people’s communities.
They aim to give young people the right tools, support and opportunity to succeed and achieve in sport.
They take on the challenge of there being a lack of funding for sport by helping out sports clubs and local groups by providing them with equipment and facilities.

FAW (Football Association of Wales) Chief Executive Jonathan Ford has openly spoken on the lack of funding for football in Wales, stating that “Football is played and watched more than rugby in Wales and it deserves more public money

I agree with Mr.Ford, a lot more people watch and take part in football than rugby, in Wales and all over the globe, I think investing more money in football would be a very good idea.
Investing more money in grass-roots Welsh football would help the local community to get kids out and active, help the national team get some new young talent, and in turn help Wales establish itself as a well-known sporting nation, which would no doubt provide kids with motivation to be more fit and active, give them role models and heroes, and also boost tourism and the local economy.

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  1. Stella says:

    Excellent analysis – well done!

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