For the win (gold farming) and how realistic is it.

From reading the 3 paragraphs from the book I think the book is realistic due to the fact that it doesn’t sound made up, From the evidence I found and from playing these types of games I know kinda what they are talking about. Some of the evidence i found to show why the book sounds realistic are ” ‘gold farmers’, these players spend vast amounts of time online with the sole purpose of raising money in games for sale in the real world.” this is basically telling us that it is happens just like in the book (there are people out there doing it now). Another one is “Most game operators expressly ban the practice of selling in-game currency for real-world cash” the people who make and are in charge of the games are trying to put a stop to it. When I use to play a game related to all of this all i got in the general chat window was buy gold now for (x) amount. There are also estimates out there that say there are more gold farmers in certain areas than others e.g “80% of the 100,000 gold farmers currently operating (those who play tirelessly in order to raise in-game currency for sale) are based in China.”. Here is a little summary about the start of the book I did that can relate to all the gold farming evidence i found …

Matthew is making a living off of gold farming we know his family name is Fong and the game he plays to achieve this is Svartalfaheim warriors. He is aged 16+ but find out later on he is in fact 17, he speaks Mandarin/English and is located Shenzhen, china, jiabin road. The role he takes on in the game is let’s just say a guider he will take you on the fastest most effective way to get the most gold in little time. Wei-dong plays savage wonderland and is a healer. He speaks English but is learning Mandarin, his real name is Leonard Rosenbaum we are assuming he is under 18 and he lives in California. Mala also know as General Robotwallah  plays zombie mecha and is a general and has her own army of people in the games-cafe to play on her team. She lives in Mumbai, dharavi and is about 16-19 she plays to earn money to support her family.

In that summary you will find that they are all gold farming (playing a game to get in game currency to sell for real money) to either earn off of it or support family with the money made.

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