FTW & Gold Farming

I’ve been reading For The Win, which is a book about fictional characters living in different parts of the world, who are all gold farmers in various online games.
I haven’t played many MMO games in recent years, but in terms of describing the gameplay and how the gaming world runs the book is spot on.

Plot Summary:
All of the stories link together, and have similarities that link them together.
The three characters are young people, living in different countries across the world, they all play video games, for fun and for profit.

It starts out with Matthew, who lives in China and has a talent for finding the quickest way to run through a dungeon and make as much profit as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.
Matthew’s old employer finds out about him using his talents to make money for himself, and not for him, so he comes and cracks down on him, getting his goons to destroy Matthew’s computers and monitors.


The next chapter introduces us to Leonard, or Wei Dong as he likes to call himself.
Wei Dong is a high school student who enjoys playing the game “Savage Wonderland” with his Chinese buddies, they get paid to get players through dungeons and powerlevel.

Leonard’s dad wakes up to find him playing his game in the middle of the night, and takes his laptop away from him.


The third character that we meet is a young girl called Mala.
Mala is an Indian girl who has moved from her village to Mumbai, where she lives above a recycling plant with her mother and brother.
Mala enjoys playing Zombie Mecha in the internet cafe, while playing there a man recognises her talent, and recruits her and her friends to play for him, in exchange for rupees.
At first she is reluctant to accept, but does in the end to provide a better quality of living for her family and friends.

The characters are all in it for different reasons, Matthew does it to earn money so he can pay rent and eat, Leonard does it just because he enjoys playing video games online with his friends, and Mala does it because she enjoyed playing games, and found out how easy and fun it was to make money doing it.

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