ITIL Service Transition

Yay some practical stuff at last!  Or at least some stuff that’s more in my useful realm than the airyfairy ideal world of strategy and design where it’s all nice-to-haves.

Change management (not bunging things in ad-hoc or as the book puts it “throwing them over the fence).  This is what I’d like to have more of for real!

Actually there was one useful thing in the last Design unit on different types of measures for reliability.  Normally we instinctively look just at availability – how much downtime was there.  But in reality constant short drop outs are just as annoying! ITIL gives four types of reliability measurement.

  • Availability – as you’d expect.  Percentage of up time
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and MTBSI (Mean Time Between Service Incidents – average time between failures and “incidents”.  Bit of a subtle difference between these two which I don’t really get, but happily the questions seem to include the actual terminlogy so are easy!
  • Mean Time to Restore – how long on average things take to fix.

Another useful acronym which has come to ITIL from the management worl is “RACI” – where you distinguish between the people who are Responsible for, Accountable for, Consulted about and Informed of changes.  Good backside-covering material!

ITeC has splashed out on an ITIL for Dummies book to help put a bit more real world meat on the bones of the courseware which mainly teaches memorised definitions and sequences.

Gotchas this unit…

Policies and principles service transition.  The kind of question I keep getting wrong… (Page 21 in section)


There are 14 (count them!) 14 policies and the courseware seems terribly interested in which best practices belong with which policies.  Fortunately these seem to be questions of the “have you memorised what you’ve read” type rather than being similar to the style of the real exam questions which I’ve just started to look at.  This is reassuring!

The same goes for the revision of the Design Process where I utterly cannot remember (because it seems totally arbitrary) the sequence of Design Coordination activities!

Next up: Service Operation…

Oh and the exam is booked!  Now I’m on a clock…

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