AoN Project

The topic of my AoN project was comparing camera and lens prices. I created this to show my audience a range of cameras and configurations for any price range and level of experience.

I used a number of different software packages for this project, I used Google Chrome for researching online, I searched for camera and lens prices and what cameras were best for beginners to professionals. I used Microsoft Excel to create my table, work out combination prices, work out the average price and to create charts and graphs. I then used Powerpoint to present my findings.

I searched sites like Curry’s and PC World for prices as they give a good representation of the actual cost of the cameras, not like some smaller store sites which add on to the price. I know that these sites are reliable as they are big high street stores that have good reviews. I found the information on the sites by filtering by brand and price high-low in the sites search engine.

I used charts and graphs as the give a good visual representation of the number data which is sometimes easier to read than a long winded table of numbers.

I think the project went well and targets my audience well.  I didn’t have any drawbacks with the software I used because I know it quite well, although I did not know how to create absolute cell references to begin with, but later used this method which allowed me to copy formulas quickly and more efficiently. Diigo helped a lot with bookmarking my pages which I could back to easily and draw information from.

I made a few changes from my first draft as the table was quite hard to read with all the information, so I split it into different brands and the lens options within the brand, also I separated the averages into 3 smaller tables so they were easier to see and read.

Instead of using pre-made graphs and charts from websites I created my own from my data to be sure I didn’t infringe on anyone’s copyrights.

I backed my project up online using the Swansea Itec Moodle and i also backed my project up on a memory stick and in my user area. It is important to back your work up to protect yourself from theft of data and of your removable memory device, a system problem that may delete your work and to protect yourself from anyone who may intentionally set out to tamper or destroy your work.

I think I could improve the project by making the Powerpoint presentation look nicer with a colour scheme or page formatting and for it to have more content.



About glewisitec

Hi I'm Geraint, I'm 20 years old, my interest are graphic design, drawing, tattoo design, photography and music. I'm currently working at Code3 models where we design and make bespoke models and products for the Corgi catalog, I also run my own clothing line on the side.
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