My animation (Loan companies)

My topic was mainly about loan companies and how they operate and my intended audience were teenagers and young adults. I used a web based software called ‘go animate’ for this task because I find this website easier to use than other animation websites.

I got the information for this topic from Google and other staff members at ITeC have also given me a little bit of information regarding loan companies. I found the timing of the scenes and choosing accessories for the scenes relatively easy to do, however, I also found getting the right elevation on the characters’ voices a bit challenging and trying to fit in all the dialect within 30 seconds was also a bit tricky.

If I was to create an animation in the future I would slightly sharpen the graphics and I would try and make it a little bit more adaptable to the audience. I would also improve the quality of the sound.

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One Response to My animation (Loan companies)

  1. Leia says:

    Good use of story-telling techniques with the real problem (mum’s birthday) as a ‘hook’. Well done.

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