My AoN project – Arranging a business trip for my manager.

As part of my ESW ICT and AoN level 2 qualification I have been asked to arrange a business meeting for my manager. The meeting was to be held in London at the ExCel Centre over the course of two days and I was requested to arrange the travel, accommodation and the costing for the entire trip.

I used the most suitable software to display my findings, I used Microsoft Word and Excel as they offered the widest range of tools required to display my comparisons, costs and information clearly and effectively. Word was useful as it allowed me to display text, insert graphs from Excel and to insert images easily. Word also allowed me to crop, re-size and adjust the contrast and brightness of  my images to create a visually appealing project.

I used Excel to create graphs and charts to display my financial information and cost comparisons clearly. Excel allowed me to constantly update my charts and graphs when I occasionally made a mistake with entries which was handy and saved a lot of time when compared to drawing charts. I used the formulas in Excel to calculate totals and averages reliably.

I mainly obtained my research from the internet by using price comparison websites to compare hotel and travel prices. was the website that I used the most for my project as it compared all of the hotel prices available on the specific dates chosen for my managers meeting and it was easy to use. The website also allowed me to filter the hotel results by price, distance from the ExCel Centre and the quality of the rooms which made my comparison easy and accurate. was a very useful/reliable website for comparing the fuel prices in our local area to research the cost of my managers transport by car. Both of these websites were very easy to use and navigate which saved time during the research phase of my project.

I encountered problems when trying to find images and information that were not copyrighted to use in my project. This took up a lot of my time however I’m happy with the final result.

Through using IT resources, I have created a project that looks professional and is easy to understand. The graphs and charts that I have created allow easy comparison between costs of the various transport and accommodation options. I used Diigo for my research and this software was very useful for storing/bookmarking websites for me to refer to during my project. The hardest part of using IT for my project was finding images and diagrams that are not protected by copyright, this took up a lot of my time.

I made a few alterations in my final project from the first two drafts. This included adding information that I had accidentally omitted due to not reading my task sheet correctly, altering graphs for wrong data entry and generally improving the appearance of my work by removing text box surrounds, unnecessary graph information and unnecessary images.

I believe that my project could be improved visually if I had more time to find images and content that is not protected by copyright.




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