Example blog post: Knowing the Sector

Today we talked about the importance of staying up to date.  In my job there’s a few main reasons for that.

  • To see if there’s anything new and cool which will make my job easier!
  • To see what’s coming out that I might need to learn in order to not fall behind – for example if I wanted to move jobs
  • To see if there’s any potential ‘gotchas’ coming up – for example recently when XP “went away” we still had loads of PCs running it!

I use RSS heavily for this.  With Feedly to collect them at the moment.  Some of the blogs I read on there are “eLearning Stuff” and Doug Belshaw’s blog for  “technology in learning” stuff “SearchResearch” for advanced search skills and challenges and “Hacio’r Iaith” (which also has a podcast) for a general technology overview.  (In Welsh)

I also read the BBC Tech news and occasionally watch Click – I like the balance between ‘cool stuff’, human interest and the technical challenges they present.

One of the things I thought looked interesting this week on Click was the Tokn (pronounced “token” app as an electronic equivalent of the “telling someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back”.  You set up a check-in time and if you don’t deactivate by the time set it’ll text a chosen person with your last known location (based on tracking the phone).  Could save all those check-in texts to mum when out flying the microlight!  Mind you I think there’s a fair chance I’d forget in the throes of scoffing bacon butties at some airfield or another and cause a panic…

We also had a look at the BigAmbitionWales website which is full of career ideas and videos from people already doing them.  They’re usefully realistic, even if the payscales described a a bit optimistic!  For example this one on tech support or this one on junior programmer – the bit about needing to be keen enough to do it as a hobby is really valid.


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