Knowing the Sector

It’s important to keep up to date with all things I.T, since it’s a rapidly growing sector that can change rapidly, leaving you behind.

There are plenty of news websites that you can use to stay up to date, including;

We watched the program “Click” on BBC iPlayer, which is a program that talks about recent technology news, things like gadgets, gaming and social media.
I found the program quite enjoyable, I found the things that they talked about quite interesting and it was presented quite well.

There was a bit on Click about a couple of real life farmers who play the popular game Farm Simulator, I thought it was hilarious that a pair of people who wake up at the crack of dawn everyday to tend the fields and harvest crops like to go home and unwind by putting their feet up and doing exactly the same thing in a virtual medium, to each their own I guess.

 We looked at the BigAmbitions Wales website as well to take a look at the industry and the people working in it.
There are a few video interviews that give you a bit of info on what it’s like to work in the ICT industry, and other people’s experiences in I.T.

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One Response to Knowing the Sector

  1. Leia says:

    That CSO online looks good. very readable.

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