First day’s training

The last place I worked was in Amazon, which was from August 2013 to May 2014. I did use some forms of IT there such as scanners to receive products into the warehouse, but nothing major. The most IT related job I have had was during work experience while I was in school, which was for a sport & leisure company called PlayFootball, where I was mostly doing database management.

I left full-time education to start full-time work to start earning money, but I’ve decided now I would like to gain more qualifications and pursue a career in IT.

For my employment in the apprenticeship, I am working in Cwmtawe Community School based in Pontardawe. I have performed a wide range of tasks so far such as;

  • Resolving simple hardware issues such as replacing laptop keyboards
  • Using tools such as Google Drive to audit all the IT devices in the school
  • Learning about networking by doing tasks such as installing and wiring cameras throughout the school
  • Using various network tools such as applying group policies and managing different user accounts.

By the end of the course I hope to able to progress to Level 3, whilst still working in Cwmtawe School, and beyond that hopefully start a full IT career still working there or somewhere else in the Neath-Port Talbot council.

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2 Responses to First day’s training

  1. Leia says:

    Well coming from Amazon there’s no doubt you know how to put a day’s graft in!

    We’ve had quite a few school-based apprentices go on to Level 3 – you’ll probably find you need to develop you supervisory skills for that.

    Have you started to get used to the size of the school network??

  2. rthomasitec says:

    I see you have worked in other jobs which can have ICT in them, you also seem to have the skills to repair laptops and have the knowledge to install cctv cameras and whiring which right there can be part of a career.

    maybe once you have finished the level 2 course you could find out about the level 3 progression and maybe join that course but thats 12 months away, so you might not need to think about that for a while.

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