First days training.

My current employment in my apprenticeship at mike o soft is my first form of work experience, Where at work i do the same as any other staff member there, Ranging from hardware replacements to re-installs of operating systems.

My previous knowledge of anything to do with technology be it hardware or not, Was all learnt just out of interest. I didn’t really learn anything specific in school that would of helped me at work.

From the course that i am doing i would like to gain the qualifications to help boost my cv and job prospects in the IT sector.

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3 Responses to First days training.

  1. Leia says:

    Sometimes learning out of interest is the best way – the schools IT curriculum can leave a bit to be desired.

    Don’t forget we’re using these blog posts for the portfolio so make sure everything is proofread – you can use the EDIT button to change things afterwards. WordPress has a spellchecker in the interface.

    What sort of percentage of the say there a Mike-o-Soft is troubleshooting as opposed to sales? (I was down there for a PSU not long back!)

  2. rthomasitec says:

    Nice so you must have Knowledge in repairing Computers, maybe in the future you could try looking for college courses that could maybe help you, other than that maybe the course we are currently doing can help you on you’re path for a carreer/job in ict.

  3. celiasitec says:

    Cool first post, what is it about IT that got your interest into learning about it?

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