Project Review

What is the topic of your project?

For this project I focused on the system management within Quicklink and their available products.

Why did you choose your topic?

The topic was selected as it was relevant to my job role within Quicklink and was perfect for that purpose. Also, this topic was relevant for my target audience.

What software did you use?


What software features did you use and why?

There was on one feature within Prezi that you can use and that is fade in, but I also utilized panning in/out and orientation and level changes.

Where did you get the information? (Name at least two sites)

Most of my information came from the Quicklink website itself but also some information from YouTube videos.

Why were these good sites to use?

The Quicklink website has all relevant detailed information on all of the products which I could then add into my Prezi. YouTube contains videos showing the products in action as well as more information.

How did you know they were reliable? 

My project is based on the company’s equipment and all of the information is correct and reliable as I have built these systems myself. The YouTube videos also show off the equipment which is demoed by a colleague.

What did you do about copyright? 

I currently work for the company and so was given verbal permission to use information and links from the Quicklink website. It also states in the privacy policy ‘Currently, we do not require you to provide Personal Information in order to have access to information available on our Site.’

Having selected the website how did you find the information within the site (e.g. use of links, skimming and scanning sub headings, find tool)

I had already been through the website before I got the position so knew what I was looking for and where to find it. If I hadn’t already been through the website then I believe I could have still found all the information I needed as it’s very easy to follow and find what you need.

What went well in using the IT resources and using IT in general for this project? Provide specific examples.  (Don’t forget Diigo)

I found Diigo very useful as I could simply highlight a bit of information while I am reading it without having to go back and forth from my Prezi and then have it all in one place to then edit. Prezi is also a nice piece of presentation software that can bring your topic to life and flows very well.

What was difficult in using the IT resources and using IT in general for this project? Provide specific examples.

The only real issue I had was with the limited features within Prezi. There was nowhere to add comments for the final presentation but the big issue was with the amount of editing effects available, only fade in was available which seems sort of silly when you see all of the effects available within Microsoft PowerPoint, so there isn’t a lot of special effects to make your Prezi really stand out from the rest other than colour scheme.

What corrections and improvements did you make between your first draft and your final? 

I removed a lot of unnecessary text from slides and added in a few more orientation transition effects.

Why did you make these changes?

My Prezi was very cluttered and contained too much text. I then used this text as talking points rather than a slide full of text. I then substituted the text for more relevant images and products.

How could the project be improved further if you had more time or skills?

I don’t think there are a lot more significant improvements I could add to my Prezi given more time except possibly adding in a demo video from YouTube. I would also add more effects were they available.

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