First Blog Post

In my previous work experience, I worked for 30 days (every thursday) at ITCS so i can complete my Pathways to Apprenticeship course in college. After the 30 days were up I was then given a chance to take a temporary contract in ITCS so that there would be someone working in the shop at all times so they could continue on at Parc Prison finishing off the project that they have there.

My previous use of computers have been scattered over the past 12 years starting off from when I was 6. As my father is an IT technician in Bridgend under the company name of BJ computers, I have managed to develop skills with IT throughout my childhood aswell as my teenage years. I used to work saturdays at his shop so I could repair simple fixes that came into work, this gave me some knowledge on what I would have to do in ITCS as an IT Technician.

At ITCS I am currently an Apprentice. I am taking on the roll at the workshop which fixes clients PC’s which are brought in from call outs and also I fix computers that come in by Joe Bloggs. Not only do I remove viruses, fix hardware and also recover data using our specialised software, I also fix Epson printers as we are an Epson Warranty Center. This gives me a chance to get hands on with the jobs that come in on a day to day basis and I get to develop this knowledge further and further as my Apprentice progresses.

From my training course I would like to gain knowledge about the different types of hardware that are used inside PC’s, Laptops etc and I would also like to learn about servers and how they work e.g. how AD works, how OpenDNS works and maybe link that into becoming a Business Support Engineer in the near future. This would consist of getting skills using Remote Support and also User accounts on a domain.

In the future I would like to work in an IT company, maybe even stick at ITCS as they are expanding into a multi-million pound company and expanding their surroundings from Bridgend to Pencoed. I would either like to be a Business Support Engineer so I can work with our clients or even become a Web Developer and learn new skills every day.


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2 Responses to First Blog Post

  1. jedwardsitec says:

    What would make you stick at ITCS?

    • ricchjenkins says:

      Simply the well mannered employees who work there and the utmost respect that I have for them all. They are all genuine people which help anyone out if they have an issue even if it isn’t their job role.

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