First Blog Post

Previous work experience are kitchen based, both as a kitchen porter ranging from and couple of months work.

Self learning with video editing software and recording and uploading videos.

Help desk trainee, providing online back ups and building new builds of laptops and desktop computers with our software.

I would like to gain all the foundation knowledge in a wide range on areas and then zone in and master specific aspects of IT.

Ultimately I would love to run my own games design company to produce popular games

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6 Responses to First Blog Post

  1. ricchjenkins says:

    The best thing for you to do to learn skills about software etc is to look at tutorials on youtube or even other websites and go through them as if you were doing them. I did this when I was creating a website and it was helping out alot as I was remembering alot of detail which I didn’t even know at the start.

    • zplincolnitec says:

      yeah ive been doing that with Photoshop and other things like that but i haven’t really had the time with me getting up for work at 7 and coming home tired because i need my sleep haha

  2. waynebawdenitec says:

    Nice post!, getting into the games industry is getting so much easier with things like Unity and Steam.

  3. jamiejonesitec says:

    Great !! what sort of video editing and recording do you do ??

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