First post as a apprentice at Swansea ITeC

Hello, I have been on my apprenticeship for about 2 weeks now at swanCD and am really enjoying it I have been working with hardware and software fixing PC’s as well as building new computers. Today is my first Off the job training day. My trainee ship worked to progress me on to a apprenticeship and my new goal is to become a fully qualified ICT technician. I have re blogged my introduction post of which I posted the first day I started my trainee ship at Swansea ITeC.

Learning Reflections

My name is Jamie Jones and I am currently starting my first week at Swansea ITeC. I have had previous experience working with ICT from household use to gaining Qualifications such as a GCSE in ICT at Dwr-Y-Felin Comprehensive school and an A/S level in computing in Neath Port Talbot College. I have only had brief work experience which was in a Primary school environment at Coedffranc Primary School where I helped out as a teaching assistant and gained experience helping children with ICT work involving Word processing and Power point. I want to learn about the practical aspects of computing through the ICT Practitioner course at ITeC and would like to gain experience in this area through a work placement / Apprenticeship.

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2 Responses to First post as a apprentice at Swansea ITeC

  1. ricchjenkins says:

    If you are loving working where you currently are and you want to learn more, the best thing I’d advise is to ask your employer if you could maybe help out with certain tasks to gain more knowledge.

  2. zplincolnitec says:

    if you could wave a magic wand and place yourself in your dream job, what would it be and why?

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