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Things I found out about the IT industry in Wales are e-skills UK are working with Welsh employers to make sure Wales has the technology skills it needs to compete internationally. Some of the things e-skills are doing are inspiring future talent by implementing and expanding employer-backed initiatives in schools, exciting young people about technology careers through BigAmbition Wales. There also supporting IT professionals by Working with the Software Alliance in Wales, enabling the formal accreditation of employer training and providing new programmes to up-skills the workforce with the Wales up-skilling pathways programmes. My job role would come under IT & T professionals in IT & T industry there are 11,000 people in this role along with 19,000 people in total in the IT & T industry out of 1,301,000 who work in Wales out of 2,990,000 people who live in Wales. What surprised me was how many people are working in IT & T Industry. E-skills can help me with my career because they are looking for people who are customer focused and I tend to deal with a lot of customers in my job role now. The things they do are network design, installation and operation, software development, technical support, software testing, database development. My current role now could lead me on to more IT jobs somewhere else in doing the same thing or doing a more specific thing to IT such as networking ect. Other career options I found out about areĀ CompTIA who offer baseline international standards to help prepare and identify qualified and knowledgeable IT professionals. These job roles consist of Service/Help desk, Network administration, Security / Networking, Emerging technologies and so on.

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