Customer Care.

The topic of my project is about customer care. I chose this topic because I was lacking confidence at the start of my apprenticeship to talk to customers, but over the past year I seem to have picked up a few things by watching other members of staff. I can now speak to and approach customers without fear. I still want to know how to deal with customers properly if there was ever a problem and get used to body language and verbal/non verbal techniques.

The software I used to carry out this topic was Microsoft PowerPoint because it features slides so I can present my work bit by bit and make it neat and tidy. It also features animation and transition which I can use to make my slides more presentable.

I used Google to help me research things I wasn’t sure about and needed help with. Two sites I got information from that I needed were and These were good sites as they helped me find what I was looking for and provide examples, on one of the sites the source I was looking at had five stars for the answer someone gave and voted best answer so I knew it was reliable but just in case I had a nose on some other sites to make sure. When I got my information I made sure I read it, understood it then put it down in my own words so it would be following copyright rules. To make sure I found what I was looking for on a site I would skim and scan through keeping an eye out for keywords to do with what I was looking for and carefully looking at and reading sub headings.

By using IT as a resource I was able to have everything I wanted/needed in front of me on screen, no messing about in finding out elsewhere. It looked neat and presentable done on the computer with help from PowerPoint. I used the internet for all my research and saved the work I found with Diigo. Examples of how well it helped are if I had done something wrong I could easily delete it or if I had to move something say for instance it was in the wrong place I could cut and paste to its right location and I can type a lot quicker than I can write. I found nothing difficult when using IT for this project in fact it worked out better than it would have looked if I were to have produced  it anywhere else. Corrections and improvements I made between old and finished drafts were a lot of moving around which the IT side helped out greatly with the cut and paste function, scaling down paragraphs and sentences and adding pictures and animation to the PowerPoint slide. I made these changes so it would be appropriate to my work and make it look better and more suitable than before.

I think the project could have been improved slightly if I was to do a different animation for each sentence, bullet point and heading in my work but I stuck with one all the way through and I’m okay with that.

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