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This project had me create a Word document on how to use the Remote Support facility for the company I work for – In order to create this document I used Microsoft Word (as part of the Microsoft Office Package), Google Chrome (any internet browser will work however), LogMeIn Rescue applet (downloaded from the website), Microsoft’s Snipping Tool and Microsoft Paint. I used Word to create the final document; Google Chrome to browse the website; LogMeIn Rescue to connect to a technician; the Snipping Tool in order to take screenshots of the process of logging on; and then finally I used paint to edit the screenshot images before inserting them into the Word document.


To get the information I needed I used the website to go through the logging on process. I knew that this site was reliable and genuine as it is the website of my place of work. Our customers use this website and the same links every day in order to log us onto their machines to help resolve any issues or queries they have. The log in page is also very easy to recognize as there is a link in the top right hand corner of the home page that takes you straight to the information input page.


All in all this project was relatively simple to complete as the subject is something that I use or am in contact with multiple times on a daily basis. Originally I had planned to present this piece of work as a Power Point presentation, however after completing that initial document I found that I was unable to use PowerPoint as I had already used it previously with another module. Because of this I re-created the presentation as a Word Document instead. This meant changing the bullet points into paragraphs and entering a little more detail rather than relying on talking about it in a presentation. This did extend my completion time somewhat but thankfully it was relatively easy to translate the data from PowerPoint to Word. After initially uploading the Word document I then found a typo on the first page which I corrected, and also comments from my tutor explained that I had to add a bit more data in. Once I had corrected these things I uploaded the document once more.


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