The Gift Story

I am reading a story once a week, this is hopefully going to help me be more creative in my work.

The story I have read this week is called “The Gift”. This story is a fantasy type story and I must say that I have really enjoyed reading it. The story is about two cars one which is called Emily who has been there for a very long time and is slowly running out of battery charge to keep going. Also there is another car that comes into the garage who is called Ginger. The cars are kept at a wrecking yard called St Christopher’s where all the cars are kept. Ginger’s car needed work so the car went in for repairs. Once the car had been repaired they put the engine from Emily’s car into Ginger’s car. So Ginger’s car is now Ginger on the outside but it has Emily’s engine in the actual car. 

The writer makes us think that it is a different story as you think that there are two girls; one called Emily and one called Ginger. You think that Emily is laying in a hospital bed struggling to live because her “batteries” are running out means that she has no energy left to live. Then Emily has a visitor called Ginger who is a sweet sixteen year old girl who becomes Emily’s friend when it’s most needed.

I enjoyed the story up until the twist where you find out that they are two cars, I would of much preferred if the story line stayed the same and Emily passed away. I would give the story a rating of a 6/10 the only reason being that the story confused me towards the end. I recommend this story to everyone even though it is confusing it’s still interesting. 





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