Final Blog Post

This is my final day at Swansea ITeC, I am a bit sad about leaving ITeC, but I now have more knowledge on Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Publisher and Photoshop. I have also improved my literacy and numeracy skills on ForSkills My favourite moments at ITeC is when we had a Cancer Research BBQ and raised over £400, I was the cook, thankfully there was no reported case of food poisoning and also when went Geocaching where I fell over in the mud. I will be moving on to college at the start of September. I want to thank all the staff for my time spent at Swansea ITeC but mostly my tutor Stella, I have had monthly reviews with Stella and I have completed nearly all my targets, most of the targets were easy but a few of them like “Decide what you want to do as a job?”  I still haven’t completed because I am indecisive.   

I am not looking forward to college but I believe I can settle in and make new friends. I will miss my friends I’ve made at ITeC we have had many ups and downs, we have many laughs at ITeC. I’ve enjoyed the workshops at ITeC but I liked the entrepreneurship and presentation skills workshops. I have improved most of my soft skills that include timekeeping, confidence, problem solving, creativity, logical skills and commuting. I have also learned about copyright laws, copyright laws are Using someone else’s work without permission and is also against the law and about ESDGC which is Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship we have had a few workshops on it during my time here.

As I’ve said before I would like to thank everyone at Swansea ITeC, I wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

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