ERR Careers

The IT industry in Wales – E-skills work closely with welsh employers so that Wales can keep up with the ever growing technology industry and not fall behind with the IT sector, My current Job includes me administering user profiles, backing up essential data, troubleshooting hardware, software and internet issues as well as supporting bespoke software that only my company uses the job would fall under the IT & T industry and could lead me onto other jobs such as help desk 1st and 2nd line support or a technician job. E-skills can help me and others in the same job role by shaping the way employers are looking for people and giving us the correct guidelines to be successful and progress. I believe that the IT industry is still growing and will continue to do so for ever as there is ever changing technology.  The Careers and happiness index is good although I don’t think you can trust those figures for example 68% of young people are hard working, does it mean that they are hard working 24/7 or just now and then when they are motivated, also with the BBC happiest jobs I don’t think that is fair obviously some jobs are nicer than other although different people like different things I can think of 5 jobs I would personally put in the bottom 5 and in the top 5.







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