Unit 304.3.2

This blog post is about the IT industry in Wales and my current job role. The IT industry in Wales in currently growing with help from professional bodies such as Eskills and BCS. These bodies have been advising for the Welsh Government to increase funding for IT professionals to take part in extra training. Eskills also provide the training syllabus for organisations like Swansea Itec to provide to these IT professionals. Off the job training centers are becoming more common as most companies can’t afford the time spent for internal training.  I have found this very valuable to increasing my knowledge in IT and solidifying my job role at my company.  I currently work as a Systems Engineer for a company in Swansea called Pisys.Net. When I was looking to find a job in the IT industry there wasn’t many hiring in the Swansea area. Over the last two years I have seen a lot of similar roles advertised in not just Swansea but Wales as a whole. It’s surprising how many job opportunities are also being made available for adults, apprenticeships for young learners isn’t the only option. I really enjoy working in a team based organisation in the IT sector. When a problem occurs and a technician is struggling to find a fix, another technician may have the solution. I’m hoping that my current role can take me towards managing my own team in the future. I want to continue troubleshooting issues remotely or out on site but with a managers aspect involved. I have been doing some of this work when the current Helpdesk Lead at Pisys.Net has been on annual leave.  

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