Cybercrime Project

My topic was based on cybercrime and the dangers of the internet.

I chose this as my topic because it was something that I found interesting, and wanted to learn more about.
Also, cyber security is a major part of what my career will include in the future.

I used PowerPoint to create the presentation, I thought PowerPoint was a good choice because it includes many useful features that can be used to make a professional looking presentation.
I used tools like the slide layout tool to make sure that all of my slides looked neat, and I used the slide transition tool to give my slides attractive animations.

I used the internet to gather information, I used a website called Cso Online, which is a site that posts articles about cybercrime and security, it’s quite an interesting read.
I also used the Norton Internet Security website to gather information on how often cyber attacks happen and who to, and how much money they cost the economy.

They were good sites to use because they had a lot of specialist information that was all reliable, I know it’s reliable because the articles are being created by popular I.T news columnists, and the Norton statistics are reliable because Norton are a respected organisation in the industry, and are kind of like the global leasers when it comes to cyber security.
I used links within the websites to navigate and find the information that I needed.

I made sure that my images were licensed under the Creative Commons license agreement, so I could use them or edit them for my project.

PowerPoint was very easy to use as it’s software that I have used many times in the past, so it was all very familiar to me.
Diigo was a tool that definitely came in handy, it made remembering sources and quotes from websites a lot easier to remember and go back to when needed.

Although I have used PowerPoint many times in the past, through school I used it a lot to complete various projects in different subjects, it turns out that I wasn’t really using PowerPoint effectively.
I had to review my presentation a few times before it was completely ready.
I blame Key Stage 3 I.C.T for that.

I made a fair few changes between my first and final drafts, in my first draft my slides were packed very tight with a lot of wordy information that wasn’t really necessary since the visual part of the presentation was for the viewers and not me, so I cut it shorter and tried to arrange it in a less wordy way, a few drafts later I got it right.
I made these changes to make the presentation look and flow better.

I’m not the best at making presentations so I’m sure that it could have been better if I had the right skills , also if I could have used any images I wanted to instead of images that were free to use it probably would have looked a bit nicer.
I had plenty of time to complete it so the time factor doesn’t really come into it.

I think the presentation went fairly well, I enjoyed researching the subject and learning more about the interesting world of cybercrime.

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