Our visit to the Senedd and to the Welsh Assembley

On Wednesday the 24th September Swansea ITeC decided to take us on a educational visit to the Welsh Assembly and to the Senedd in Cardiff for a day out. I thoroughly enjoyed my time here as I have never been inside the Welsh Assembly building or been to the Senedd before.

When we arrived at the Welsh Assembly we all had to go through security checks which were checking for any suspicious weapons. As I walked through the security check the alarm went off, my heart sunk I was wondering what an earth has caused the alarm to go off but thankfully it was only the zips on my jacket. As soon as we got passed security the tutor for the day took us into the old debating chamber where we had a little debate on the recent news in the world. The questions they asked us were what are your views on e cigarettes? also what are your views on 16 year old not able to vote? I found these questions very interesting as there was lots of different opinions from different people.

Then once we finished in the debating chamber we then visited the classroom where we had to fill out a questionnaire and complete a on-line quiz about the welsh assembly leaders.

After than that we then headed over to the Senedd and wow must I say what a state of art that building is. The cost of the building must of been extortionate but it does look a great place to work in.  We watched a live debate from the debating chamber which I must say was very interesting because I had never seen a live debate before.

I would change anything I thought that the planning throughout the day was excellent and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my day out to the Senedd and the Welsh Assembly and I would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking of going down to visit.



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2 Responses to Our visit to the Senedd and to the Welsh Assembley

  1. Leia says:

    £70million I think they said the building cost!

    Good to hear you enjoyed the day.

  2. lreesitec says:

    Wow that’s a massive amount of money!

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