Short story review: “Mister Moustache”


This is my third short story review, this time it’s on Mister Moustache by J.D Hager

The story is about a man who works in some sort of restaurant, is not on good terms with his boss and is one mistake away from being fired. The boss is a perfectionist and his employees are often annoyed by him making sure every piece of cutlery is sparkling clean with no smudges or finger prints. He also has a rule that employees must not have facial hair, except for a moustache.

The story was fun and I particularly liked the main characters laid back attitude towards the situation he found himself in and his comedic reasoning for growing a moustache.

However, I thought the story was lacking in plot, there is no real plot device driving the story forward. The main character is to laid back to care about being fired so it just feels as if you’re reading about his typical day at work, also there are parts of the story that should of been expanded on more, when you’re done reading you’ve felt as if you’ve missed something.

Overall it’s a good read, it has nice pacing and interesting characters, only improvements I would suggest is maybe adding a better plot device to keep you interested, it would of been good to see the main character planning on playing some sort of prank on his boss as he knows he’s going to get fired, would of suited the character well and would give you more incentive to keep reading.

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3 Responses to Short story review: “Mister Moustache”

  1. Faye says:

    A good review Dan. Nice to see that you really understood the character. You have also given some good constructive criticism with reasoning behind it.

    It would be nice if you could put a link to the story below your review so others could also read it too.

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