first day !!!!!!

Konnichiwa watashi wa Kingsley desu

Hello my name is Kingley I like games I play mmo when I am not playing on my Ps3 or listening to my music  if I have no internet connection I play Minecraft I don’t mind the vanilla but I really like the modded version I have 3 cats 2 have had kitten both had 3  i like anything Japanese so I would fight to the death for a bowl of Ramen of sushi I love anime later I would like to do an animation I do feel a bit socially scared at times but when you get to know me I am a great friend

I have a lvl2 manufacturing

lvl2 engineering

I have come onto the course to learn more of ict software and hardware my Favorited part of it is knowing that it may look like a bunch of wires but its actually a masterpiece of engineering a simple code has more textures than a painting and that’s why I really like engineering and technology

my strength is that I can easily understand things better when I do them rather that being shown or read I am learning Japanese

yoroshiku onegai shi masu

please look after me

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One Response to first day !!!!!!

  1. Leia says:

    A second language is a great skills to have – not least because it shows a commitment to learning over a fairly substantial period of time. I’ve been learning Welsh about 5 years and am about where I can use it in ‘real life’!

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