First day!

My name is Josh, I am 17 years old and I have come from Tycoch college where I was in a level 2 IT course, but it was not a very in depth course especially on the area I wanted to learn about.

I came on this course so that I could go in depth on the hardware of I.T. and have a variety of other things I like such as animation. I really want to learn how to fix computers and also other technology, my favorite thing to do though is play games, I would even like to record game-play commentary as a thing to do in my spare time.

My strengths and talents consist of not vary much but the ones I have are very useful, for example time keeping I am very good at, my punctuation to classes is almost always 100% and when i’m ill I would sometimes still come into class. Another talent I have is that I am very patient and calm, this would be good for my line of work where I would have to patently go through the computer and find out whats wrong and how to fix it.

The weaknesses I have would be English, I mostly forget punctuation and how to be creative with my describing, its a good thing I don’t plan to become a writer! Another weakness is that I am very forgetful, I would forget what day it and also what month it is often and would always ask just in case.

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