First week!

In this week I have started learning what I have to do here at ITEC and have done some workshops. During this week I have made friends with Matthew, we pretty much have to considering were alone on Thursdays and Fridays…

I enjoyed today/Friday because we got to work on some of the broken PC’s to get a perspective of what hopefully be my future job. The maintenance tasks we did today were fun and exhausting because we had to figure out what was wrong with the PC’s and then find out ways to fix them, we also upgraded them. At one point we found out that two chairs had been broken at the wheels and fixed them by changing the the wheels with spares.

This was a good week and was better than I expected!

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4 Responses to First week!

  1. ___ says:

    I’d like to consider our friendship more than just a forced-thing, but I wont loose sleep over it. Also, Pokemon isn’t a good game.

  2. ___ says:

    pls don’t edit my comments

  3. Leia says:

    You’ll have another batch of chairs to fix this week too going by the pirouetting on display yesterday! 😉

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