I am have just finished reading a story called Patience I must say that I totally enjoyed reading this story.

The story is about a 37 year old girl called Abby who lives on her own without any parents or any family relatives. She is desperately lonely as her father recently passed away of a heart attack after he went for a daily run and never came back. Abby now gets really lonely and upset and has no one to talk to, she has taken two years of work to think of a way to try and recover her life but is really struggling to realize that her father has gone for ever. She gets very anxious when somewhere comes to visit her or even knock her house door to visit here. One morning very early on Abby hears a strange noise and then she hears a knock knock. Abby goes to the front door and opens it very slowly to see who it is and what they want. There was a female standing at the door she said “I need help” said the troubled looking female with a protruding belly . Abby asks here “what do you want?” The girl reply’s with “I need help I think i’m going to collapse” Abby invites her into the house where they sit down and start talking and they find out that they both have similar lifestyles.  Saphire the girl who has just come into the house has only 2 weeks until she has a baby Abby is shocked when Saphire tells her this. Saphie then goes to get some sleep as she has been sleeping on the streets for weeks and needs a decent nights sleep. But the story takes a turn for the worst when Abby can here a load  scream from upsatirs Abby dashes straight back upstairs to see what it is and Saphire says to her “The baby is coming, you need to get me to hospital as soon as possible”. Abby is pancaking wondering how an earth is she going to get Saphire to hospital as quick as she can. But they get to hospital just in time before the baby is born and Saphire has a baby boy called Mark. I throughly enjoyed this story as it has a very happy ending and I highly recommending this story to anyone to have a read.

I have left the link below for you to have a read.

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