ERR Careers Theme

  • Understands the role played by your occupation within your organisation and industry.

I am responsible for the management, maintenance and development of all ICT equipment and providing technical advice and support for IT curriculum related activities

  • Has an informed view of the types of career pathways that are open to you.

In some cases there are advancement possibilities for computer support specialists. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree and a strong technical background should have the best job opportunities.

  • Knows the types of representative bodies and understands their relevance to your skill, trade or occupation, and their mail roles and responsibilities.
IT Industry as a whole Careers and Training
E-Skills Develop software, IT Services etc. Provide Training.
City and Guilds Provide services to training providers, employers, and trainees Vocational education and training.
CompTIA Looks after Interests of IT Professionals Provide Training and Certifications.
  • Knows where and how to get information and advice on your industry, occupation, training and career.

Extensive use of Google/Other search engines to find information and organisations such as Itec as well as educational establishments like City and Guilds and CompTia.

  • What do you think of C&G’s Happiness Index and the BBC News report?

Inaccurate and biased, some of the quoted figures contradict what is reported in the media.

For example they state that on the job experience is beneficial when it is widely regarded that many companies s treat work experience staff as second class and don’t give them any meaningful work to do.

  • Why might C&G have a vested interest in making the figures look happier?

They are a well known educational establishment and it is not in their interest to provide negative publicly viewable statistics.

  • Can you find a typical job description of your role? Was it accurate?

Slightly outdated but covers most areas of my current role.

  • What makes you happy in your job – is it the same reasons as the info graph suggests?

Job satisfaction is one of the key reasons for my happiness in the workplace; I also prefer a good work life balance. I don’t think the Happiness Index reflects my personal viewpoint on work place happiness.

  • Discuss at least one piece of jargon you didn’t know and had to look up and what it means.

Before starting my job as an IT Technician I had never encountered POE and wasn’t sure how it worked or what the benefits were.  After installing new switches around the school that were configured to run on Power Over Ethernet I used to Google to find out what the term meant and why it was sometimes the chosen method to power some It equipment.

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