Short story review: Jeremy and the Magic Lobster.


Fourth story review, Jeremy and the Magic Lobster by Mathew Licht

This story is about a boy who lives on Coney Island in New York, near the seaside. He loves the beach, water, fish, sailing and he especially loves seafood, his favourite meal being lobster. One day Jeremy meets a talking, magic lobster who tells him if Jeremy stops his mother from cooking him he will grant him a wish. Jeremy saves the lobster but his wish doesn’t get granted, instead night after night the lobster makes up excuses to why he can’t grant his wish until Jeremy realises that the lobster is just a liar and throws him back in the sea.

I’m not sure what audience this story is aimed at it kind of seems like it’s for kids,  but it’s on the same website as the rest of the stories I’ve done reviews on. The was trying to put a cross a message, don’t always believe what you hear and it done a pretty good job at this. the main character starts naive enough to believe that a lobster could grant his wishes but in the end he learns not to always believe what people say (even if it’s not a person saying it!).

If the story was intended  for kids then I think the writer could of done a bit more to make the moral of the story more clear, adding a narrator as they could state the moral of the story quite clearly to a younger reader without interrupting the flow of the plot.

Overall though the story was pretty good, not sure if it’s worth reading for an adult but for a younger person it delivers a great life lesson and is definitely worth a read.

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One Response to Short story review: Jeremy and the Magic Lobster.

  1. Leia says:

    It sounds a bit like a fairytale I heard as a child – in that one the guy who caught a magic fish (it was in that story) kept asking for more and more outlandish wishes until the magic wish granting fish got ticked off at him and busted him back to square one! Also a moral of a sort I suppose.

    I wonder if this story was deliberately playing off that one. I think it’s quite well known.

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