Website project review.

Hi there, in this post I will be reviewing the website project I have recently finished.

I decided to create a website that offers news and reviews of instruments used in rock music. I chose to do this because It’s a topic I am interested in and I am keen on the design aspect of IT. I used HTML  to create the layout and content of the website, CSS to style it and a bit of Javascript to create “accordion” drop boxes. I also used Notepad++ to type up the code, photoshop to edit the images used, and Filezilla to upload my website online.

I used various sources for infomation, mostly websites that sell and/or offer reviews of instruments. GAK, Gear 4 Music and Ultimate guitar are just some of the sites I used. These sites useful in my project because they offered both descriptions of the product and customer reviews, so I could  list the products specs and write an un-bias review of the product, listing both good and bad points. I know these websites were reliable because I collected data from several sources including official brand websites to make sure all the information I gathered was true. Finding the information I needed on these websites was not difficult as I have used them before and they are very user friendly. I did however used Ctrl+F on multiple occasions to find specific bits of information on a page.  Copyright was something I had to be mindful of, images used on websites like GAK are Copyrighted and cannot be used on my website, instead I had to use Creative Commons and Google images with search filters active to find images.

When I finished my website I emailed it to Stella who had a look and give me some feed back and things i can do to improve it. Improvements I made were: adding a favicon to make the website look more professional, changing the colour of a few links that were difficult to see against the background and changing the colour of the menu buttons. If i had more time I would like to add more pages to the website, maybe a page for each product I reviewed, allowing me to write more detailed reviews and add more images without worrying about slow download speed. Also I would of liked to of used more Javascript as the only JS i used was the accordion, I was thinking about adding a slideshow and drop down menus to the site but unfortunately I lack the skills to do so.

Here is a link to my website

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