Job Interview

The interview was at Davies Ingram and Harvey and my appointment was at 11:00am. The first question that the woman asked was “So what do you know about the company”, I had researched the day my interview was so I knew more about the company. The woman was really welcoming and told me that is was a relaxed interview and told me about how confidentiality was vital and how I could sued if I was to repeat any information I came across.

I didn’t really find anything difficult, I found it quite easy and all the questions I was asked were straight forward to answer.

My first impressions of the company were that it was very successful as it had a load of certificates and looked a very professional business. The building was old fashioned and has been running for nearly 100 years, I noticed also there wasn’t much advertisement because I’m guessing they don’t need to advertise because the business is so successful without advertisement. I would definitely like to work in this workplace.

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