Dydd Shwmae

I didn’t know much about about the Welsh language before today but I have learned a lot from the videos I watched, I learnt that Welsh is Europe’s oldest language, and 19% of the population (1/5 people) speak welsh. I also learned that 27% of the population understand welsh but may not speak fluent. The video told us about how the welsh language had grown and a long time ago it wasn’t allowed to be spoken in some schools as it was regarded a “Second Class language”

I didn’t learn much welsh in school, as I didn’t pick full course I think that they weren’t bothered and were more concerned about the full course people and teaching them, and just giving us a booklet to fill out.

I don’t think that I’d like to learn welsh, it’s a very hard language to grasp and seems difficult as I didn’t learn it from a young age.

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