Dydd Shwmae: Facts about Wales


Today we have been learning about the Welsh language. Before this lesson I didn’t know much about Welsh other than it’s the second most spoken language in the UK and that it is compulsory in schools. I learnt allot of interesting things in the videos we watched like like Welsh being one of Europe’s oldest languages, Welsh speakers were oppressed by mid-evil kings in particular Henry the eight who flat out banned the language and that currently 19% of the population of Wales speak Welsh.

After the video we listened to a recording and played a game to teach us a little about how the language works. The man would tell us words in Welsh then say a sentence in English which we would have to translate into Welsh. I found this exercise enjoyable even though i struggled picking up the Welsh. Having never done Welsh (not even in school) my knowledge of the subject is very limited and it will take allot of work to improve my skills.

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