Mah pumpkin!

Vote for my pumpkin because very doge, much wow. Who doesn’t like a meme themed pumpkin of a very out of date meme but I care not of that, but of the fact it is doge and it was a good meme before the people ruined it……but I digress!

Vote for my pumpkin for a nicely carved doge pumpkin if you like the meme….if you don’t then still vote for me :).

Featured image

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3 Responses to Mah pumpkin!

  1. ___ says:

    “Vote for my pumpkin!
    My pumpkin is the best, but I also would like you to choose “ermergerd” pumpkin so that we can put both designs on it. There is enough room so why the heck not!”
    You’re welcome.

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