Project 2 review

  • What is the topic of your project?
    An overview of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One
  • Why did you choose your topic?
    I am thinking about getting a new games console and required all the facts to determine which console is better suited for me.
  • What software did you use?
  • What software features did you use and why?
    Images of both of the systems and short bullet points, I only required these at it is a straight forward fact sheet to determine which is better
  • Where did you get the information? (Name at least two sites)
    Google and Wikipedia
  • Why were these good sites to use?
    Google was useful is locating images of the systems while wiki provided all of the relevant information I would require on the two systems.
  • How did you know they were reliable?
    I have seen both systems so finding images was rather easy and with regards to Wikipedia they have all of the source material that you can check out individually.
  • What did you do about copyright?
    I used the website creative commons to find only images that where okay to use for non-commercial use.
  • Having selected the website how did you find the information within the site (e.g. use of links, skimming and scanning sub headings, find tool)
    I just read all of the information and highlighted any useful information using the Diigo tool. Within Wikipedia I simply used the table of contents to locate the section I required.
  • What went well in using the IT resources and using IT in general for this project? Provide specific examples.  (Don’t forget Diigo)
    It was very easy to locate all of the relevant information I required on the two systems with just the names on the systems. If I did not have internet resources it would be very hard to find information on the two systems as I would have to physically go and find them and get all the technical information from different sources such as shops, magazines or word of mouth. By using the Diigo tool it’s very easy to simply read all of the relevant information on any website and simply highlight any useful information to sort and compile later on,  this makes writing a report a lot less time-consuming.
  • What was difficult in using the IT resources and using IT in general for this project? Provide specific examples.
    The only real issue I faced was finding a good image that was copyright free to use in my slides. A lot of the time I would find a good image but would be unable to use it and there was no copyright information. I later solved this issue by using creative commons.
  • What corrections and improvements did you make between your first draft and your final?
    Mainly spelling and formatting all the information I had. Also, changing images for ones that were okay to use for non-commercial use
  • Why did you make these changes?
    I had not proof read my notes and there were some spelling mistakes. I changed the formatting as there were some instances of non-capitalisation and finally I was not authorised to use some of the images I had selected as I could not find copyright information.
  • How could the project be improved further if you had more time or skills?
    I could have added some transitions to the slide to make it more eye-catching but I felt that was unnecessary for what I was presenting. I also think I could have added a conclusion or verdict at the end of the slides with my own recommendation but I am already a Sony fan so it would have been a biased conclusion.
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