Halloween in Mexico!

Today we did a PowerPoint on what Halloween is like in other countries, we were put into teams of two and chose a country, I was put with Chloe and then we chose Mexico. We decided that I would put together the PowerPoint and Chloe would do research. We split the jobs equally and worked together as an effective team. But we could have done more things that would help like communicating more but we did have discussions about what colours were best effective on the PowerPoint all together I would rate us 8/10.

I think we Divided the work 50/50 and were effective with our jobs.

I did the PowerPoint when Chloe did the research. I put together the PowerPoint and made it look eye-catching so that the rest of the class would then be interested and not bored away. Chloe then did the research and got the information about Mexico’s Halloween where she then wrote paragraphs for each thing, I then put these into the PowerPoint and added a picture of a wreath so that they knew what it was.

If we work together next time I think we could make in improvement  the communication and helping each other a bit more.

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