Halloween Celebration

This is Halloween at ITeC  we did a plethora of things.

First of all we had to come to ITeC in fancy dress I asked Josh to bring his morph suit but he also brought his horse head which I could not resist so I swapped the morph suit for the horse mask.

We had to look up the seven deadly sins and pick one to do a quick presentation on but we had to make one picture of meany words so we picked the sin of sloth, here is my picture that I put together, as you can see I added the sloth in just to get the tittle across with out actually typing it.


We had a poll a week before Halloween for people to vote on which design we should carve into a pumpkin Chloe won it.

We played “hook the apple” which is a spin off of apple bobbing we were timed, the apple was hung from the top of the door and you had to grab the apple with you your mouth with you hands behind your back.  Chris won with 11.7 seconds.

Finally we had a Halloween themed quiz where if you got a wrong answer you had to be covered limb by limb with toilet paper and turned into a mummy.

With all these advents we got points, here is the results in a graph.


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One Response to Halloween Celebration

  1. Leia says:

    Loving the team names.

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