This Halloween we did lot’s of activities that were very enjoyable, we all started the day by researching the 7 deadly sins and had discussions about them, my team (me and Dan) did research on “Sloth” and found out that it means just general laziness and not wanting to do anything is a sin. Then we went onto doing a poster to represent lust, didn’t expect to see so many naked people that day (just never put Lust into Google images) , but oh well. Chloe won the carve a pumpkin competition because the votes were rigged and they just said its easier and traditional, when she was carving her pumpkin we did some work and research for the quiz later on.

When Chloe came back we played hook the apple, hanging from a door frame was an apple you had to pull off, even the staff did it.

Then we had a Halloween quiz where the wrong answers resulted in one of your limbs being wrapped in toilet roll. I got one of the questions wrong and my arm was very warm for the rest of the quiz because fleece and toilet roll don’t mix. My team won and we got a chocolate bar for a prize, we have now put the results of the day into graphs!

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