The Samurai

On Friday we 3 dressed up into costumes only three of us actually bothered to dress up. Josh brought in extra costumes Faye didn’t look to impressed with the lack of those who didn’t dress up. After that we started the day by looking up the 7 deadly sins and we had to choose one to make a poster up within groups. I had Liam on my team and we chose “Sloth”.

We did  “hook an apple” in the afternoon where we had to catch an apple that was tied to string and hanging from a door.

I came dressed as a samurai, Chloe was a ghost and Josh was a onsie penguin and he also brought in some other stuff.

Chloe won the carve a pumpkin and it looked really nice. There was a Halloween quiz and me and Liam came in 2nd I got 2 answers wrong and had both arms wrapped up like a “mummy”.

See graph of team results.

halloween results

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