AB Glass – Blog Review

My project focuses on the company I work for – AB Glass (Doors & Windows) Ltd. It shows what the company does and what my role is within the company. I chose this topic because it’s something I feel confident talking about; knowing a lot about the company meant I had a lot of talking points.

To complete this project I used Microsoft Office PowerPoint. I used this software because it has features that other software’s do not have, e.g. Microsoft Word. Using PowerPoint I was able to insert images, graphs and audio sounds. I could chose the way I wanted each slide to look by changing the slide layout, e.g. title slide or title and content. I could then go on to change the background colours/patterns on the slides and the change the writing font/size for the writing.

The information I used within my presentation I gained from the AB Glass website – www.abforglass.co.uk and from a www.google.com image search. Given that it is my workplace, I already knew quite a bit of information to put into the presentation. I knew that the website contains a lot of detailed information about both what we do and what we have done, which is why I chose to use our own page.

I then used Google because it has many images of AB Glass projects that may not be on the AB Glass website. I knew that the AB Glass website was a reliable source because it is our own official website which we update ourselves.  The website is very easy to use – there are many sub-headings enabling you to find what you need very quickly.

Luckily, I didn’t need to check about copyright for images as these were taken from the website. I had permission to use these images otherwise I would’ve had to look for a copyright free image.

IT tools, such as diigo, made this project a lot easier to complete. Using diigo, I could save searches and websites I used for information and relate back to them later. The only difficulty I really encountered was trying to remember how to use diigo – with it being so long since I used diigo last, I could not remember how to use it!

Between my first and final draft a lot of changes were made. The overall presentation was changed; both the background colour and the writing font. More images were also added along with more information about the company. I made these changes as the final draft was then a lot neater and cleaner to present.

The effects between the different slides could have been improved – adding transitions to each of the slides could have made it more eye-catching and appealing.

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