My company presentation to the group

For my presentation my topic was about Celtic Vapours, mainly because I work there and I know a lot about the company as I thought I could talk a lot about something I’m passionate about.

I used Microsoft PowerPoint for my presentation as I feel like it was the best software and it had the best tools that I needed. I used many features in PowerPoint, for example I used clip art to find pictures, slide transitions to make my presentation clearer and more interesting, I also used animations, so I could change the way the object enters and exits the presentation. Using the right slide layout was important as me to accurately place information and images on the different slides.

To find out information about Celtic Vapours I had to research it online, I used Celtic Vapours official website (reliable info). I found most of my information on this website, it tells you plenty of information on the company and I also looked up E-cigs in general just to find some history on it. . I searched for suitable information on this site by looking for “key words”.

I did enjoy working on PowerPoint I think it is the perfect software for a presentation and there are plenty of tools and features you can use. I also used Diigo, to highlight important information on the websites I used so I could look back and remember what information to use in my presentation. As the images and information was taken from the company website I had permission to do this so I didn’t have to look for images that was copyrighted.

The only thing I found difficult about using the resources is that in PowerPoint there are so many tools you can use it all gets confusing or can make the presentation confusing if you add too many animations and transitions (you don’t want images or words flying around the screen). As I used the software I got used to them and found out what how the different tools can improve my presentation.

I used my presentation to give a talk to the group for ESW Comms and made a few drafts first before presenting my final work. I did add more information in each draft, changed the slide background colour, added a graph and added a transition to improve what I would be presenting. The presentation went well (seeing as I didn’t want to do it) I had positive feedback from the group and some comments on how it could have been improved.

I think there is so many tools you can use you have to learn them gradually. I made plenty of changes between my first draft and my final, like adding animations, slide transitions and also customising the design template, there are many things I could do to make it more interesting. I could have improved my presentation further by adding more information about the history of e-cigs, I could have gone in to depth about it.

If I learnt more advanced features on PowerPoint (add sound and video) and I could have made it more intriguing to grab the viewer’s attention. I also should have used the space on the slides effectively to make it clearer.

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