It’s dressing up day for charity

Today the staff and learners have dressed up to raise money for a very worthy cause – Children in Need. We have a selection of Super Hero’s (that’s the theme) in the centre;

  • Ripley from Alien
  • Superwoman
  • Batman
  • Superman
  • Maverick from Top Gun the movie
  • A Viking
  • A Combat soldier
  • A Samurai

And me, well i’m an Egyptian Pharaoh, after scrabbling around at 8 am this morning wondering what to wear and it was the only suitable thing in the house. I do kind of admire the way they built the Pyramids. Oh, nearly forgot John, well he’s something to do with martial arts? :))

It’s nice to see everyone making an effort to have some fun and get into the spirit of the occasion. We even get to do it again next week, different dress???? not sure.

Today we have also started the virtual cycle ride to Offer’s Dyke and back, 354 mile on an exercise bike. All trainees and some of the staff have spent 6 minutes doing this which is equivalent to 1 mile, well done! A special thanks to Connor Elias who cycled for 18 mins.

Our total mileage is now 12, only another 342 mile to go. HELP! the seat needs a cushion if I have to do this again.

I would have liked to have dressed up as Tudor Royal Queen as I have always had a interest in history. I enjoy reading about historical royals and visiting palaces, crypts and towers. Maybe I’m a touch on the morbid side to have this interest. I would really have liked to be Queen Elizabeth 1 only I didn’t have the costume and wasn’t going to rent or buy one to never wear it again:((

Today has been a good day and we will vote on the best costume later today. The winner be presented with a bag of “gold coins”, OK they are only chocolate ones as I couldn’t find real ones:))

May the best man or woman WIN, good luck!








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