My 206 Review

The topic of my project was remote support for my optional unit. I chose this unit because in my day to day work I provide remote support as a means of supporting Netring’s customers.

While studying and building the materials for the Remote Support unit I gathered evidence with the businesses LogMeIn Rescue Client And compiled it all into a document using LibreOffice on my Macbook, and Microsoft Word 2013 on my Windows 8 workstation. I used screenshots I took with the Operating Systems proprietary software.

I mostly used Word for ease of structuring the document, as I find its software more user friendly, and using Dropbox I could switch between machines effortlessly,

to gather research I used Google and the main sites I used were the LogMeIn Rescue and Teamviewer, this was because they are the manufacturers websites and thus the information was up to date and correct. To find anything specific I checked the site and went to the pages named after the things I needed, and read over the content before I decided to use it in the project

what I feel went well with the project was just the ease of finding the information. Google provided the perfect links I needed, forcing me to switch from DuckDuckGo as its results were not very reliable.

I also encountered problems with Libre Office, most of this stems from my dyslexia, I have trouble noticing my mistakes, but with help from my tutor I can fix that.

But this problem stemmed into a good thing, as in proof reading my errors I deleted some areas and worded them better, I feel this has made the project better, it just flows better in my opinion. But I feel I could make this project better if my skills in information gathering and my grammer were just better. This would make it longer and more informative to anyone who reads it. One last improvement I could do would be to provide more examples with better information.

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