Me, Myself and I

Faye wants us to be vulnerable to help us as people.


  • I am not very tolerant of other peoples views

When I disagree with opinions or views I often dismiss them as wrong, inaccurate or just stupid without taking the time to try to understand why people think this way. I don’t like admitting I’m wrong and get very stubborn about it.

  • I don’t enjoy socializing

I don’t enjoy spending time with people that I do not like. In my last review there was a comment about this because I didn’t want to join the other trainees when they were being loud and obnoxious.

  • I use my phone way too much

I constantly use my phone where I could spend the time in other places, such as socializing or learning. I use it as a way to occupy myself when either bored, or I’m not enjoying being with the people I am.

  • I’ll often try to employ cheap work-arounds to evade having to do a task fully, or if I feel it will generally save me time and effort.

Examples: Copying and pasting on blog posts, spamming words and changing the font color to white so it bumps the word count up (Sorry Faye)

  • At times, I loose my temper too quickly or become frustrated easily

Pretty self-explanatory…

I had some counseling a few years ago and was sent to a doctor etc and they didn’t really care much. It’s a lot better now though.

  • I have a hard time making eye contact and understanding social queues

Little to explain about this.

  • When I can’t find motivation to do something, I often wont

This was entirely the reason why I failed my Science GCSE, due to the coursework not being completed despite having roughly a year to complete it. I think this just comes down to being lazy as a person.

  • I have a morbid sense of humor which often makes me seem mean

Wooooooooow the positive stuff. Because now I feel totally depressed great about myself after having to write up all of my flaws thanks Faye wooow.

I’m pretty good on computers.

I have a high level of knowledge in regards to ICT as a whole. This has helped me in life (troubleshooting general things when they break isn’t a bad skill to have) and will also help me in a career in ICT.

When I try, I can maintain a high level of literacy.

I completed both English Language and English Literature GCSE’s. I have also written blogs in the past and driven traffic to them for advertising (Google AdSense)


“the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.”

I can apply a high level of commitment when I feel motivated and dedicated to do something. This helps me in my career as at the moment, working at PCCARE, commitment is often needed when a problem isn’t easily diagnosed. I feel that this skill has been molded by my experience in ICT. I have also been very committed to applying for more jobs and work experience, as I would like to progress in my career.

I also show commitment in parts of my life other than work, such as relationships. I have been in a committed relationship for just over 2 years. I feel that this has shown me that if I apply myself I am able to make an effort.

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2 Responses to Me, Myself and I

  1. Faye says:

    An honest post Matthew, and not private.

    The aim of the task wasn’t to depress you but to put yourself in a position where you opened yourself to others. Although you may feel you have these characteristics, I can tell you that plenty of other people also share these feelings in different situations in life. Your first point – being intolerant of others is constantly being worked on at ITeC during team building exercises and group work. Sometimes others may have a valid point, but it may be different to what you thought. Often it’s a case of give and take. You will always work with others and the more you do it, the more comfortable and accepting you will become.

    You have many strengths though too. You have a wide vocabulary and a nice way of writing (I can hear your voice saying these things when I read them). You definitely need commitment when working as a practitioner and so you should develop this skill (and try and not use cheap and quick work arounds! 😉 )

  2. jwilliamsitec says:

    Very good and honest post, I feel that you are doing well to change and also well done on the commitment that you have made with your wonderful girlfriend. P.S. The sorry Faye stuff made me laugh.

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