Positive self reflection

I feel think there are a number of skills I’m good at, self reflection not being one of them, so bare with me.

Personal attitude – I think I have an open minded and positive attitude most of the time, I’m more than willing to try new things, participate in events and activities and be friendly and polite to people at all times.

Design – I feel I have good design skills, I’m able to design and produce professional looking websites, images, documents and other related projects. I have an eye for detail and will spend hours working on a single project to “iron out the creases” so to speak.

Creativity – I think this is one of my strongest areas. I’m think I’m able to use my creativity efficiently to figure out solutions to problems, design things, write stories, write music and come up with ideas to benefit myself or others.

Critical thinking – I am able to look deeper into things and notice stuff that other people would not, whether this would be in a piece of writing , a movie or game or in social situations, I pick up on stuff others do not.

Research – I am a very effective and efficient researcher, whether I’m researching something for a project or for personal reasons. I can know where to look for information on the internet, finding sources and applying that information to projects.

Computer skills – Having used computers since a very young age I have always had a good understanding of how to use and maintain a computer.

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One Response to Positive self reflection

  1. Faye says:

    A good list of strengths here Dan, and from what I have seen spot on. You have excellent writing skills which prove your critical thinking, creative and design skills. When working in a creative industry you have to be detail orientated and “iron out the creases” and that is a skill you already possess. Keep searching for and applying for vacancies where you can further develop and use your excellent skill set.

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