Self reflection.

During my time at Swansea ITeC I have learnt allot of useful skills that will help me in the workplace. However I still feel I need to improve in some areas.

Literacy – My literacy skills are not up to scratch, I have trouble spelling certain words and I use spell check to often.

Punctuality – I need to improve my time keeping skills so that I arrive in ITeC (and the workplace in future) on time and ready to work. However these factors are somewhat out of my control as buses that would get me to ITeC on time a often late, so I need to be up and ready in time to catch the earlier bus.

Motivation – On occasion I get bored with the work I am doing which leaves me uninterested in the work and little motivation to finish it.

Interpersonal skills – I feel I have come a long way in this area over the past 2 years, but I still sometimes struggle speaking to people I do not know well and I have trouble communicating efficiently under pressure , in interviews, giving presentations or anything along those lines.

Self reflection –  I have trouble understanding what I am good at, what I’m not good at and reflecting on my work in a positive or negative manner. Also I struggled allot when deciding on a career route I would like to go down.

Commitment – In the past I have had trouble commuting to things such as school, college, personal relationships and learning programs. When I find something uninteresting or to difficult I tend to give up on it.

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One Response to Self reflection.

  1. Faye says:

    You are not alone in many of these Dan! Many people find it hard to be self critical and lots of people find it hard to reflect, this is partly why I wanted you to do these. It is good that you can see development within yourself though. If you get bored you should try and challenge yourself. For example if you were given a task on math maybe you could see how many you could so in a minute rather than just taking your time. This way you will be a bit more motivated?

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