IT – Conflicts of Interest

For this section we have been focusing on the conflicts of interest within IT that can arise, which is now very common as IT has become a standard for everyone to send or receive information in all walks of life. It is changing the way we do a lot of things and it is now hard for companies and legislators to keep up with this demand. This also highlights the fact that by being a professional you are trusted with making the right decisions within your given field and that these decisions can have lasting effects of the business as a whole and so it is always important to use the right techniques to come to a conclusion.

Within Quicklink conflicts of interest can occur easily, for example if I am currently working it is possible that someone from another department may what a certain product made for them and they may specify that they need it ASAP. Currently, the process for this would be to put through a request or speak to the production manager but when on tight schedule personnel may come directly to me. This could be a conflict of interest as I would be taking time out from official work to provide a service for someone else. If they were to offer me something in order for me to complete this work for them it would be classed as a conflict of interest and bribery. Within the handbook we have structures in place to avoid this and all work must go through the proper channels before work is completed.

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