First of the job training (Apprenticeship)

I have just started an apprenticeship at The Kingsway Surgery in Swansea and I must say that I am really enjoying it. All the staff have been really welcoming to me and they have been kind and helpful in all possible ways.

The job is everything that I have wished for, to be a receptionist is brilliant job. The first 2 weeks I was observing what work the girls do and how the reception is run correctly. I felt that I picked up things very quickly and feel more and more confident as time is progressing.

I have really enjoyed my first month at the Kingsway Surgery and I look forward to spending more time there and improving my receptionist skills even more.

I am currently on my first off the job training and it has been a busy morning. Me and my tutor Mair have been discussing the different units I will be doing as part of my apprenticeship.

The units that we have decided to do are as follows :

  • Manage diary systems
  • Collate and report data
  • Store and retrieve information
  • Handling mail
  • Provide reception services
  • Use and maintain office equipment
  • Using email
  • Word processing software

These units are as well as 6 mandatory ones!

I think that these units are appropriate to me as some of the criteria can be met by Mair observing me on what I do on a day to day basis in work. Also all of these units will help me in my job and give me new skills on how to be doing my job better.

I have highly enjoyed coming back to Swansea ITeC today as I did a traineeship here which I enjoyed. It has been nice to come back and to see all the staff and to see they are glad that I am enjoying my job.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Swansea ITeC for finding me this apprenticeship as I am really enjoying and I think it is a great opportunity for me.

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